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Vocal Warmups

Breathing Exercises for Singers


Singers should spend 5 minutes on breathing exercises before singing begins. Exercises should be done daily to attain elasticity, to strengthen muscles and establish a feeling of coordination.


1- Inhale and Exhale with the “permission of the diaphragm”. Easy but full breath in and out. Do this 5 times.


2- Inhale in 3 even sections and exhale in 3 even sections using the action of the diaphragm.


3- Repeat #2 in 5 sections. Don’t overfill, just pace the breath differently, taking smaller breaths in and exhaling smaller breaths out.


4- Inhale and “hiss” out in one steady stream of air. Without pressure, keep the hiss steady with the action of the diaphragm.


5- Inhale and then exhale short “belt hisses”. This will increase awareness of abdominal support of the muscles used in breathing.


6- Short, easy pants (like a dog). Work up to 30 seconds of fast panting without stopping.


7- Take a low slow breath and exhale on a lip trill. Repeat and this time on exhale, lip trill on a tone. Repeat again and siren from bottom to top of range and back down on voiced lip trill.


8- Slow inhalation through the mouth and exhale counting numbers. Do this one once a week, seeing if you can increase your breath management from week to week.



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