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"We cannot thank you enough for all you have taught are an amazing teacher. We are so grateful for you and for all you share. Thanks for going above and beyond. You have made such a difference in Reese's life.   --Shelly Bell (2022)

" I just thought I would thank you for all the hard work with me through these past 10 years. My piano and vocal abilities would not be where they are without you!  --Breck Golden (2022)

"I want to let you know how thankful and grateful I am to have had you as my voice teacher this past year. You were a great teacher for me. You picked so many great pieces for me and you challenged me in ways that made me a better singer. I will miss having you for my voice teacher. Thank you so much. ---Benjamin Brenckle (2021)

"We cannot thank you enough for pouring into Katie the love and art of singing all these years. You are a beautiful role model for her in every way. God bless you and your ministry of music. (2023)

                                                                                                                 - T & J O'Connnor

“Wendelin has really helped Marguerite develop her voice. She is supportive and encouraging, yet challenges her students to grow. I would highly recommend her for new AND experienced students."                        

                                               - A. Manning

"I am so happy I chose to take lessons from Ms. Lockett because she has helped me explore new areas of my voice, particularly my belting range!"


                                                        - R. Luettgen

Our daughter Meaghan started taking piano from Wendelin in the fall of 2012. I did my research prior to her starting and had several people in the Cedarburg community recommend Wendelin as an excellent teacher. When I first called her in the spring, we were put on a waiting list (a good sign!), and it was well worth the wait of a few months to get in with her. Wendelin is an awesome teacher, classically trained and very talented, but also someone who is able to connect with kids on their level. Meaghan absolutely ADORES her, and it makes taking lessons fun for her. Even when she doesn't always want to practice, she always looks forward to her lessons. We are nothing but satisfied and look forward to our daughter's progress over the years as she continues to learn under Wendelin's direction.

                                                                                                                   - Jenne

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